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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 15, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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gets grilled on immigration. we'll talk to the dreamer who put the candidate on the spot. extreme weather in the west. hurricane odile lashing the baja coastline while further north dry conditions and blistering temperatures are fuelling fresh wild fires on this monday, the 15th of september. >> good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. our first focus this morning the growing call for a quick and clear strategy to destroy isis. the weekend beheading of british aid worker david hanes has heightened the urgency as 30 countries meet today at the crisis summit in paris. the french president said there's no time to lose in the global push to fight isis. france began the first surveillance flights over iraq. the state department says several arab states are offering
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to join the air campaign to take out isis in iraq. secretary of state john kerry said the coalition is expanding with nearly 40 countries pledging to contribute to fight to defeat isis before they gain more ground in iraq and syria. as nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel reports in turkey, it's unclear which ground troops would be involved in syria. >> even if the air strikes begin who moves in on the ground it take over? it seems that the force best positioned to do that right now is the government of bashar al assad is aligned with hezbollah. if they bomb the main city in syria where isis is based and where it's been holding many of the hostages, syrian army is closest nearby to move in and hold the ground. and that is not the end result that the united states or members of this international coalition have been planning
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for. >> let's bring in steve clemons, washington editor at large for the atlantic and msnbc contributor. we're joined by gideon lynchfield global news editor. good morning. let's pick up where engel left off. if the u.s. is not going to commit ground troops in syria who will? >> i think richard laid out a key point. it's a messy situation and frankly it looks ridiculous because in the president's speech the other even he essentially opened a two-front war. one against isis and reminded everyone we have an interest in assad leaving and not supporting syrian forces. to the degree that other sunni states become involved like the uae or the saudis who have rumored to offer jets and whatnot. they have a beef with assad. it's very messy. when you look back to things like vietnam and others, this looks like a mission muddle, and something without clarity that is needed.
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>> the problem is that, you know, saudi arabia can bring in some jet fighters or maybe some countries can help in the bombing, but really you cannot complete something like the annihilation of isis without some boots on the ground and the question is who would those people be? >> well, the only boots on the ground are the iranians and the syrians. the iranians are there. the syrians are there. there are boots on the ground. at that point, you confirm for sunnis in the region this really is the united states turning over their territory to the shia. so the boots on the ground are inconvenient boots. >> yeah. gideon, i want to talk about steve's point the u.s. ruling out any possibility of cooperation militarily with iran in confronting isis. but state department this morning held out the prospect there could be separate talks with tehran and isis and the threat to iraq. how significant is this? >> i think the issue is that the u.s. cannot rule out some
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involvement, some discussion with iran because iran has so much influence on iraq that it's a player in the region no matter what you do. and iran's influence over the iraqi government and intelligence services it's pervasive to some extent they are competing to see who ends up being the master of iraq in the game. for the long-term the way it plays out iran's role can't be ignored. >> and we have to talk about now is great britain. so far they've been keeping a distance on this but, you know, the execution of david hanes occurred. his brother and prime minister, by the way, david cameron, both reacted to it. let me play a little bit of that for you. >> my first reaction could be one of hatred. my brother's life won't hatred.
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it was about love. >> they claim to do it in the name of islam. that's nonsense. that's a religion of peace. they are not muslims they're monst monsters. >> we've seen three of the horrific videos from isis. it seems like they're the ones in the control. and the west, mideast allies figure out what to do. are we unprepare, gideon, i'll ask you first. >> look, the way isis is playing out the beheadings, it's no accident they started with two american hostages and now they're turning to a brit. they're drawing the west into the conflict piece by piece. they want us to go in there and cause havoc and increase the level of radicalization and attract more young people to the jihadist cause. so i think the problem that western coalition and arab colis has is how to attack them without doing exactly what isis wants them to do, which is generally increase the level of
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radicalization in the middle east. >> and, steve, i want to bring you back to the point you mentioned at the beginning. congressional vote expected this week to train and arm syrian rebels. do we have enough intelligence to know who they are? can we trust them? >> we can trust them. the problem is we're acting if it's a whole new venture. the free syrian army has been fighting for territory and gains against assad and against some of the rival groups for some time. we act as if they've had no funding. they've had funding supporting with intelligence support, small weapon supply by the united states but also turkey, france, and other nations. they've not proved to be an effective fighting force. as we've seen the defining edge of the rebel cause inside sir area it's been defined more by an al qaeda affiliated group and isis inside syria. so training them. good idea. but it doesn't solve the
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fundamental problem. we've had many fsa commanders sell the weapons they've been provided to isis. we try to pretend it's all nice and neat. there are warm and fuzzy moderates that can win and prevail over others. one of the concerns general dempsey and others have. syria the next morning is looking at the civil war among itself in the groups. so we have to avoid silver bullet progress most casings in this. it's a complex situation and simply training the fsa commanders at the saudi base does not fix the other dimensions that continue to lurk out there. >> and gideon, other than fighting against the dictatorship, let's say the dictatorship is toppled, what ideology are these rebels going to try and institute in syria? >> well, you know, that's assuming that the rebels are
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victorious. if the assad dictatorship goes, you'll end up with a huge patchwork quilt and there will be some islamists and jihadists that may not be isis and there may be some democratically minded. i think it's impossible to figure out what the situation an the ground will look like if assad goes. which is precisely the reason that assad has been able to hold on for this long. is the fear in the country of total chaos if his regime disappears. >> and then bringing it back to really the nucleus of the crisis and the conversation is isis itself. when you think of there's a huge disparity as far as numbers are concerned from western intelligence sources. but if it's 20,000 to almost 32,000 fighters, that's 32,000 fighters that's like three u.s. armed forces divisions, you know, this is not an easy group to annihilate.
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>> the issue is, i mean, they're fairly thinly spread. if you think about 30,000 so include people in iraq and syria. they're fairly dispersed. the problem is more those numbers can grow. they can ally with other groups other sunni extremist groups. if different countries get involved in the effort and it starts to look to people on the ground like this is a jihad against the western general their ranks can swell. precisely the calculation that isis is making the more it involves other countries in the fight the more it can rally people to its cause. that's the danger. >> and, steve, these numbers can swell including westerners. with western pass ports. >> westerners can go in, but i think what we see in the reason why the numbers are so large there are a lot of loose members of isis. there are sunni tribe, tribes leaders inside iraq who are ak
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we esing to isis. they've been ticked off at maliki. what we need to remember as we strike against isis. we need to be careful about how we do it. it we end up striking and killing as we have in, you know, despite our best efforts in other kinds of aerial bombardments you end up killing innocent people. and they will be innocent sunnis in most cases. in that process you can end up, as gideon said, those people -- one of the things i don't like it ought to be a sunni lead effort that the british, the french, and the americans are supporting. we haven't engineered a sunni-led effort. as long as we don't have that spearhead driven by sunnis spitting on isis and what it represents, then we're going have lurking throughout the view
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among many sunnis throughout the middle east north africa region that somehow the west is against them. that's the problem in the framing now. >> and isis will no doubt exploit. thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate your time. coming up hurricane odile right now is packing 100 miles per hour winds and a lot of rain. we'll take a closer look at the weather map. later it's not just wet weather in the west. we'll follow the california coastline north firefighters pick up the fight against several wildfires not yet under control. we'll be right back.
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right now one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit
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mexico's west coast is hitting cabo san lucas. odile made lawful laughable lan category 3 storm. 30,000 tourists in cabo are hunkered down in shelters. nbc meteorologist bill karens is tracking the storm up the baja peninsu peninsula. where is the storm headed? >> we haven't begun to see the picture and the devastation out the area. the storm made land fall about 10 hours ago. you couldn't have drawn a worst past for the resort area of cabo san lucas. some of the pictures show the severe weather damage. the hotels look they're standing in most cases. a lot of damage around them and in them. a lot of broken windows. as far as the storm goes itself, the eye, the northern portion of
7:16 am
the eye has cleared la paz. it's a strong hurricane. it's not just cabo san lucas. there's a lot of people that live there that are hunkering down for the storm. the land fall is 125 miles per hour winds. 1969 since they saw a storm this strong in the baja. this tied that storm. it's like unprecedented human history here in the baja. it will track along the spine. there's a lot of flooding. the storm will weaken. the wind damage will get less. and the question will it do what norbert did? the horrible flooding in the phoenix area? will it be similar. it looks like most of the rain will stay toward the tucson area and blow toward el paso. the computers are projecting one to two inches possible and easily flash flooding could see worst. we're hoping we don't get the bad flooding we did with norbert. i think we'll be impressed with
7:17 am
mother nature's devastation. >> thank you for being with us. a massive manhunt. ray rice appeal, and the medal of honor. let's zoom through some of today's top stories. a manhunt underway in pennsylvania for the person who shot and killed a state trooper and another. corporal brian dickinson will be laid to rest on thursday. police say someone opened fire during a shift change. troopers set up check points, scoured the woods over the weekend, and searched for clues. there's a $50,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest in the case. this afternoon president obama will present the medal of honor to two soldiers. command sergeant major benny atkins will receive the award for gallantry for serves with the special forces in vietnam. and jack jacobs sat down with him. >> the other 16 americans made
7:18 am
this possible. and i want to really dedicate to the five that paid the ultimate price. five special forces that gave it all. >> the other recipient is donald killed in action when he shielded a live grenade with his own body. we have complete coverage of the medal of honor ceremony coming up at 1:50 p.m. on eastern time on msnbc. tomorrow president obama turns his attention to the ebola outbreak during a visit to the centers for disease control. he's expected to announce increased u.s. involvement in the fight in west africa. among possibility sending portable hospitals, doctors, medical supplies, and u.s. military involvement. the ebola death toll topped 2400. ray rice expected to appeal his
7:19 am
indefinitely suspension from the nfl. rice expected to contend he told the team and the league the truth before his original two-game suspension. rice is just one of several nfl players facing suspensions over assault allegations. the women's advocacy group hired banner planes to fly over several stadiums yesterday. you see them calling for roger goodell to resign. zblrvel zblrvelgs. coming up it seems like no politician is safe. the high profile targets may have begun with republican congressman steve king. the targets include the woman a lot of democrats want to see run for the white house in 2016. we'll talk to the dreamer who confronted hillary clinton in iowa straight ahead.
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for the first time since her presidential run, hillary clinton spent some time in iowa this weekend facing the expected questions about another potential run, but also facing some unexpected questions about immigration. >> hi, my name is monica reyes. i'm an iowa dreamer. i was wondering about how you feel -- yeah! >> well, i think we have to keep working. just can't stop ever working >> hi! >> the president has broken his promise to the latino community. and we want to know whether you standby the president delay on immigration. >> i think we have to elect more democrats. >> dreamers, children of undocumented immigrants showing that comings will also be hearing from the following from them following president obama's delay just as republican members of congress like steve king, paul ryan, senator marco rubio
7:24 am
have throughout the summer. joining me is one of the dreamers who challenged hillary clinton is monica reyes. >> hi, thank you for having me here. >> what did you expect to hear from hillary clinton? what was your reaction to her response? >> i honestly was not sure what to expect. that was really why i was doing this. i wanted to see what her stance was on president obama's delay on immigration. i honestly, i was not really happy with what she said. we really need to hold democrats accountable for this broken promise on immigration reform. her response didn't really help out with that. >> what would you have expected her to say? what would so you wanted her to say? >> that we need to -- that they actually are going to be doing something about the immigration reform. that they will stop the delay. they will actually start acting
7:25 am
now. >> yeah, i mean, monica, let's bring it back to politics for a minute. because i know you said you weren't happy because you said it was her political response to that. political terms over a year ago in the senate, a bipartisan group passed immigration reform. they sent it to the house or asked the house to deal with it. the republican house did zero in the final analysis. there were efforts underway to get something done but it couldn't be done. that's where immigration reform needs to happen. it's not happening and it didn't happen because the house wouldn't do it. where is your focus? i mean, it seems like, you know, hillary clinton was secretary of state and now she may or may not be running for president. what do you expect her to do or say? >> umm, well, i think a lot of people are thinking that she is going to be running for president, and if she is we want to know that she supports immigrants and will be
7:26 am
supporting immigration reform. >> erica aka andiola said no democrat is safe. what are we going to see from dreamers next? >> well, we're going to be putting the pressure on democrats. they made this promise of immigration reform, and we want to see that happen because to them it might be collateral damage, but to us it's real families being broken apart. >> monica reyes, i want to thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time. i would like for you to weigh in. do you think these confrontations have been an effective strategy for dreamers? what do you think of hillary clinton's response? let us know. there's our #jdbnow. we're on facebook at jdb msnbc.
7:27 am
give us your opinion. is it an effective strategy? at least we're talking about. coming up we'll go back to washington. and have more on the isis strategy as a critical week begins. a live report from the white house. plus, i'll be joined by a senior member of the senate armed services committee. that's coming up in moments. stay with us. reward was that new car smell and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it, you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great. learn more at ♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one.
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i want to go back now to the isis strat zegy and the white house sending a clear message to congress authorize a plan to arm and train moderate syrian rebels to fight isis before breaking for recess and hitting the campaign trail. dennis mcdonough toured the sunday shows where he out toed the reasons why authorization is critical. here is what he told chuck todd on "meet the press." this is an effort that, like in yemen and somalia, where we will
7:31 am
take the fight to our enemies without putting ground troops into the effort. we need ground troops. that's why we want this program to train the opposition. that's currently pending in congress. that's why we want to make sure that this coalition brings sunni to the fight. >> let's go to the white house and correspondent kristen welker. what is the white house about saying getting that authorization this week? is it possible? >> i think the expectations in washington is that it has a strong chance of passing. having said that, jose, president obama did something last week that we don't see him do normally which is to reach out to members of congress to republicans personally to urge them to pass this legislation. we're also seeing something we don't normally see which is that republican congressional leaders are backing the president on this. they say it is the right thing to arm and train the syrian rebels. it's also true that some of the more hawkish members of the republican party would like to
7:32 am
see the president go further. there seems to be a fair amount of support for getting this authorization passed. i think the main question is going to become how does it get passed? does it get roped into the spending measure, for example, that house republicans want to pass before they leave for recess or in a stand alone piece of recess. the white house said they want it done before congress breaks. this is a key part of president obama's strategy. now this all comes, jose, as we're getting new polling numbers according to the latest poll 62% of americans support president obama's decision to take military action against isis. having said that, 68% say that they lack confidence in his strategy to defeat the terrorist group. so getting this authorization from congress is going to be key. going to be key to restore the confidence. i think so is the other part of the president's strategy which is to build an international coalition. we've seen secretary kerry who
7:33 am
has been chris crossing the. he's saying he's gotten assurances from the arab countries but we haven't been given specifics. sectretary kerry in paris today >> and whether we're at war at isis. the white house saying we're at war. john kerry saying the words earlier this week. but appeared to backtrack on it yesterday. what does it seem like there's a struggle going on in messaging around that? >> that's a good way to frame it. there's a struggle going on around the messaging. the reason is that the white house wants to acknowledge the fact that this is a real threat that isis poses a global threat. you've heard the president say that they could be a threat to the united states. the administration is careful to say there are no known attacks that are being planned right now. but they want to draw a
7:34 am
distinction between this military engagement and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. that's why you see the top officials walking a very fine line. they're coming forward and saying it's a war against isis in the same way that the united states is fighting a war against al qaeda. in other words, they want to draw parallels with what is happening in somalia and yemen, for example. but to make it clear to the people to americans that this is not going to be a broad mission where you're going to see thousands of americans on the ground. president continues to insist no u.s. boots on the ground. >> nbc kristen welker thank you so much. i want to bring in mississippi senator republican roger wicker. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> your committee will host secretary hagel and chairman dempsey tomorrow. the white house wants the authorization. will congress give it to him this week, you think? >> i think the congress will at least give the president what
7:35 am
he's asking for that's authorization for the trained and equip part of this. training and equipping the rebels in syria. the larger debate is whether the president will ask the congress to authorize this entire effort or just as they've said so far welcome if congress feels like doing it. to me, it would be much better if we spoke with unity as americans and resolve against this isis threat rather than saying you can give the stamp of approval if you so choose. >> how do we as a country and legislators in the executive show a united front on the issue. what do you think congress should do? should do this week and the president could do this week? >> well, in a classified hearing on thursday we asked questions and tried to find out exactly where we're going. exactly how much resolve we'll have. how broad the coalition will be.
7:36 am
i think we'll pick up on that tomorrow with the top leadership in the armed services committee hearing. and basically i think there's some answers the american public deserves. what went wrong in iraq the first time? is it because, i believe, we didn't leave a residual force there for stability? and if that's the case, and if we're successful this time with a broad coalition, what is to prevent us losing those gains again? i would like to hear general dempsey and the secretary hagel's talk on that? who is going to be in the coalition? what will their role be? are they going send a littled a voi -- advisory group. are they prepared, the arab and muslim nations to prepared to boots on the ground themselves. will it be saudi aircraft conducting the bombing in syria in things of that nature.
7:37 am
we need answers on. >> and the sunni shia issue. i'll read an article in the "new york times." to mr. assad and his closest advisers these people say the american decision represents a victory for his long standing strategy which is destroying in moderate opposition to the rule. could we be helping the assad dictatorship here in the long-term? >> well, to the extent that the groups from all angles around the international community want the isis group destroyed it happens by consequence that we have the same strategy. i do not believe by doing what we're doing or doing what the president is proposing.
7:38 am
we are in league with the assad regime. we have many, many differences with them. it happens. we would like to isil trampled. i don't think that means we have adopted assad's strategy. >> senator roger wicker. thank you so much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. glad to be with you. and this morning hundreds of californians waking up. it's 7:38 in the morning to see if their home survived new wild fires raging across the state. while others being forced to leave their homes as the flames close in. right now there are at least 10 active fires throughout california. triple digits temperatures aren't helping firefighters. they're closely watching winds and the climate as a whole. nbc ally jackson has more from silverado, california. >> reporter: jose, it feels a little sticky out here compared to normal. the sun hasn't risen all the way in southern california. imagine what it will be like at
7:39 am
noon with no shade, climbing up canyons carrying 50 pounds of gear. that's facing crews here at the silverado fire as they get ready to head out and battle the blaze. it's about 1200 acres. half contained so far. the real concern in california are two other wild fires. one is at the gateway to yosemite national park. the courtney fire. it's about 350 acres. small but fierce. about 1,000 people had to be evacuated. it's threatening about 4 to 500 horses at this point. some 20 structures have already burned. it's happening, by the way, in the middle of a heat wave. triple digits heat, which is a real concern here. firefighters say they're trying to carry a lot of water and take a lot of breaks, but at this point, it's been a bit of a challenge especially as the wind may pick up today. there's another big fire in northern california. between sacramento and tahoe called the king fire.
7:40 am
school is closed today at the local district as fire crews work to keep it contained. it's about 3,000 acres. wild fire season is getting in full swing. crews have weeks left of battling the fires. we'll keep you updated. for now, back to you. nbc ally jackson. thank you so much. scotland is four days away on voting whether or not to leave the u.k. david cameron is there urging them not to break up the nation. it's pretty evenly split between the no's and yes. queen elizabeth has broken her violence saying scots should think, quote, think very carefully about the future. not quite a ringing endorsement for either side. staying with the u.k. prince harry is celebrating a milestone birth certificate day today. he's 30. he was born third in line for the throne with the arrival of
7:41 am
his nephew prince george and new royal baby on his or her way harry is fifth in line. he made a name for himself as captain serving two tours in afghanistan as well as his work with charities around the world. and another celebration this weekend. the pope presided over his first wedding at the vatican since becoming pontiff. 20 roman catholic couples from italy said their i do's. the latest sign the pope wants the catholic church to be more inclusive. he married couples that had been living together and had children from a previous relationship! coming up we'll frame the debate with an i back in iowa where hillary clinton shows she knows a thing or two about selling a political cliff hanger. >> when tom harkin called and asked me to come, i have to admit i wasn't sure what to say. i've got a few things on my mind
7:42 am
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7:45 am
and teleport myself to aruba. i wish. it was bifelt like a hillar clinton for president rally this weekend. hillary clinton added more fuel to the 2016 speculation fire when she and former president clinton attended the event filled with cheering fans and people wearing ready for hillary buttons. >> i'm back! [ cheers and applause ] well, it is true, i am thinking about it. [ cheers and applause ] but for today that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak.
7:46 am
>> but a new wall street journal nbc news poll shows support dropping even in her own party. let's frame the debate with margie and gop pollster chris wilson. thank you for being with he. chris, hillary clinton came in third in the iowa caucuses in 2008 behind edwards and obama. did she put the ghost of 2008 to rest, you think? >> i don't think she can do that in one trip. she can't do it with her being her first visit in seven years. it gives us a window into a complicated run for president. three things, her aversion to retail politics. two, the awkward nature in which she approached them. she's nowhere near the star her husband is. and three the difficulty she has separating herself from the obama administration. her inability to take a stand on issues on her own. and tom harkin had questions on
7:47 am
where she stands on issues. it's going to be a big challenge for her as she looks to run for president. there. >> i presume you don't see it the same way? >> i saw a crowd that was pretty excited for her to be there. i saw her focussing on really the immediate task, which is helping bruce braley in the race for senate and making sure the senate stays in democratic hands. i saw her making jokes i see her and former clinton both n favorable polls. i think i was watching a different clip. >> i want to take you to the numbers a little bit. the latest poll does show a severe drop among register voters. among democrats the numbers have fallen. are you concerned about the numbers? are people getting tired of, you know, big clinton rollouts like one of the ones we saw a couple of months ago with her book? >> you know, look, i think those numbers are pretty small differences.
7:48 am
you're going see them change a zillion times between now and when the primary and certainly by the time the general rolls around. so i think this is a just a sign of people just beginning to pay a little bit of attention to the race and maybe thinking, well, you know, i'm not sure where i stand but ultimately democrats are really excited about former secretary clinton, again, she's net favorable. so is the former president. you don't have the internal fighting going on in the democratic side that you see on the republican side. so i feel like things are looking good for her right now. >> and, chris, it seems to me if she does decide to run, and i personally see all indications that she will probably decide to run. it's going to be strong candidate within a democratic party and then in a general >>well, i think her greatest asset right now is that after the failure of the obama administration clinton fatigue, which did twist in 2008 has gone away. certainly the democrats there's
7:49 am
a certain longing for the clinton years whenever they didn't have the sort of political and foreign policy and even domestic policy failures they're having with the obama administration. the other thing i saw coming out of iowa is a little bit of window in the type of general campaign she would run. is doubling down the obama play book of 2012 and assert the gender politics. i think you saw indications of that from the speech and her visit yesterday. moving into 2016 i believe she's going to have a challenge. because of the foreign policy failures. >> is it cynical to reach out to women who make a majority of the lek trait. it's considered political as opposed to the obvious? . >> all right. so margie, why don't you finish your thoughts. first on the women issue but in general the question i was asking him if a formidable
7:50 am
candidate she could or could not make. >> she's a terrific candidate. she's battle tested and able to put in the paces and go the distance of a campaign. certainly prove that not just as a candidate but secretary of state and how hard she worked and how she was on the road. consistently i just think it's crazy to say that talking about gender pay equity and the minimum wage that have nearly universal support even majorities of republicans support a lot of proposals. somehow gender politics that makes good economic sense and makes good political sense not because it's a man versus woman. because most americans think that people should be paid a living wage and that women should be paid as much as men for doing the same job. >> and i want to about the whole clinton differentiation between president clinton and then she as a candidate should she choose to run. should se back away some of --
7:51 am
in other words how closely do you allow yourself with president clinton versus president obama? they each have strong accomplishments for the democratic party. >> look it's going to be difficult for -- it's impossible, really, for hillary clinton to separate herself from her husband or barack obama given she's married to one and works for another. most know that hillary clinton has her own mind, view, position, own style, and that's going to continue to show through if she decides to run. >> marge gi and chris wilson, thank you for your time. i appreciate it this morning. thank you. coming up, recess so soon? the count down may be on to the midterms. but there's plenty of work for the congress to deal with right now. our five things capital cram session straight ahead. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city,
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there may be 50 days in l midterms but there are only four days until congress heads home on recess. no not on repeat. congress will leave for their home districts at the end of the week. what will they show for it? you have 96 hours. avoiding another government shut down. you'll remember the signs. if congress doesn't vote to fund the government before october 1st. they'll have been dusted off. all signs point to the government staying open. a trifecta of cry size not of their own making. congress will take on ebola with a visit from kent brantly. number three, on a wednesday. the house will take on isis with a visit from homeland security jay johnson he'll discuss potential threats to the homeland. number four on thursday ukraine's president will visit the hill to address congress as
7:56 am
the russian incursion into his congress continues to wage on. but number five, the moment they've all been waiting for, and i guess who can blame them. going home. this time hopefully in the light of day for one last sprint until the midterms. that is what americans will get to decide what congress looks like next year. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. next on "newsnation" with tamron hall. the nfl controversy is playing. more player abuse cases coming to light and the calls for roger goodell to step down. the head of the national organization for women talk to tamron live. we'll see you tomorrow.
7:57 am
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real veggies, and never any by-products or fillers. wow! being a cat just got more enjoyabowl. fancy feast broths. wow served daily. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we're following several new developments in the controversy
8:00 am
surrounding the nfl and the number of player abuse cases grows and calling for roger goodell's resignation are getting louder. ahead of tonight's monday night show down between the eagles and colts. ultra violent is planning to take their message to the sky. flying banners over the stadium reading goodell must go as it did over the game yesterday. meanwhile ray rice is facing a deadline to appeal his indefinite nate suspension by 11: 59 tomorrow night. they're not commenting until after an appeal is filed. peter alexander has more. citing multiple sources nbc sports is reporting ray rice will appeal his suspension today. there's another game scheduled for tonight. and right now the nfl is dealing with four high profile domestic abuse cases that a


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